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    Where can the Turkish Passport take me?

    Turkish citizenship has the advantage of being able to enter more than 77 countries without a visa and almost 50 countries with a visa on arrival at the airport.

    The Turkish passport is one of the 30 powerful passports in the world.

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    How can you get the turkish Citizenship?

    Bank Deposit

    By depositing at least 500 thousand USD in a Turkish bank for a period of 3 years.

    Real Estate

    By purchasing a property with a 400 thousand USD worth or more, provided that the property is not sold for a period of 3 years.


    Turkish citizenship can be obtained through an investment in Turkey with a capital of at least 500 thousand USD.

    Required documents for Turkish citizenship


    Passports for all family members. Must be translated to Turkish with translation approval from Turkish Consulate or Turkish Notary.

    Birth Certificates

    Birth certificates for children.

    Affirmation of marital status

    Marriage Contract or Family civil-status book, Affirmation of marital status; if divorced, deed of separation; if widowed, death certificate of the deceased spouse.

    Biometric Photographs

    4 Four 50×60 mm biometric photographs (for each applicant).

    Power of attorney (authorization)

    Power of attorney (authorization) from the husband and wife to initiate the citizenship transaction for the family.

    Authentication of papers

    Authentication of papers from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country from which the papers are issued


    Translation of all documents and their attestation by a notary public (Notre).

    Frequently asked questions about the turkish citizenship

    Who can acquire the Turkish citizenship?

    Turkish citizenship is obtained by the applicant, the wife and all children under the age of 18.

    When can I sell my property?

    Property can be sold after 3 years.

    Can I keep my first citizenship after getting the Turkish citizenship?

    The Turkish citizenship can be obtained while retaining the original citizenship.

    Mush I live in Turkey to acquire the Turkish citizenship?

    Turkish citizenship can be obtained through authorization without the need to come to Turkey.

    Will my newborns get the Turkish citizenship?

    Children born after obtaining Turkish citizenship automatically obtain it.

    Why should you ask for our support?

    Following-up papers

    Follow up the papers and make sure they are correct before applying and starting the transaction​​

    The right property

    Ensure that you have the right property to obtain Turkish citizenship​

    Equipping agencies

    Preparing Authorization/ preparing the appropriate authorization in order to obtain the Turkish citizenship as the last step


    Real estate management and ensuring the highest investment returns from the property with our company guarantee

    The Steps For Obtaining Turkish Citizenship

    Contact us
    Properly providing real estate and legal advice
    Property selection
    Choosing the right property for investment while ensuring the highest profitability
    Reservation of the property
    Submit a request to reserve the property for a period of 3 years
    Get residency
    Extracting the investor's residence to facilitate his movement to and from Turkey
    Submit an application for Turkish citizenship
    Submitting the papers of the investor and his family to obtain Turkish citizenship
    citizenship order
    Getting the citizenship order and receiving Turkish identity cards and passports

    Clients Reviews

     Dr. Iyass Mahanna
    Dr. Iyass Mahanna Investor From Germany
    Read More
    I thank Mr. Lawyer Muhannad Al Rayes for introducing us to your company, and I thank you very much and all the staff in this respectable company.
     Mr. Haydar Elnazim
    Mr. Haydar ElnazimInvestor from Iraq
    Read More
    I would like to like to thank Luxury Group for everything, I didnt expect that in a very short time we will be able to find the perfect property, and we also applied for the Turkish citizenship and completed all the process without even moving from my place and visiting any government department, to follow up the transactions, we needed some personal paper related to my country Irak, and after providing those papers, the process went very smoothly and quickly. I would like to also thank Engr. Ahmad for helping me choosing a furniture suitable for the budget for some of the apartments that is offered for rent and thank god I got the best I could have wished for.
     Mr. Mohammad Doubaai
    Mr. Mohammad DoubaaiInvestor from Yemen
    Read More
    The company supported and helped me alot! , we visited more than one project and chose the most suitable one for my requests, I bought the property with the purpose of obtaining the Turkish citizenship. Thankfully I got it and now I live in Turkey, I have a great rental income from my property thanks to Luxury Group. I also thanks the Turkish government for facilitating the transactions. Thanks to Luxury Group and its staff, we overcame some obstacles together due to their professionalism.
    Mr. Ihab tafish
    Mr. Ihab tafishInvestor from Jordan
    Read More
    God honored us with brothers when we met the team of Luxury Group, They directed us and showed us many properties that is suitable for the turkish citizenship with very reasonable prices. They helped me to choose the best property and to find the needs of my family, such as fitness club, swimming pool, and all kind of luxurious services. And I would like to mention that Luxury Group has strong and friendly relations with the project’s management, due to this relations we were able to get a very good price and I dont think that I was going to get this price in case I contacted the sales office by myself. Thank you for everything and for your detailed explanation.
    Mr. Khalid Mohamed
    Read More
    I recommend anyone who is looking for his dream apartment to contact Luxury Group company. Starting from the airport pick up , to the luxurious hospitality. Next day we went to the largest and most elegant projects in Istanbul and firstly through god and then through their best advice, I got the apartment of my dreams at Beylikdüzü in the most luxurious and distinguished project. I got my deed title after few days and after a while I will obtain the Turkish Citizenship. So I advise anyone who want to buy a property to contact Luxury Group. Good luck to all.
    Mr. Louai Hulou
    Read More
    Mahmoud was more than helpful in finding us an apartment in Istanbul. He was extremely honest, upfront, and was able to find us a great apartment that fit right in our budget range. The best real estate company I have ever dealt with. Very professional and highly recommended!
    Mr. Abdullah Kaband
    Read More
    My wife and I are leaving this review because we appreciate the extra effort, the last minute arrangements and the quick actions of Mahmood & his team at Luxury Group. In fact, let me highlight this was our first time buying a property, had zero experience and a lot of questions.The team effortlessly guided us through the process and remained next to us every step of the way. making our property purchase as simple and successful as possible.We definitely recommend Luxury Group to friends and family.
    Ms. Iman Balassi
    Ms. Iman Balassi Invested From Lebanon
    Read More
    I was very Lucky that I contacted the Luxury Group when I moved with the family from Beirut to Istanbul, Turkey. They gave us the most professional service, thank you for the wonderful staff
    Ms. Rita
    Ms. RitaInvested From Lebanon
    Read More
    Honestly, buying a property in Istanbul is a big challenge, especially if you have no idea about the market. After searching and searching I saw an advertisement on google and by chance it was Luxury Group, The staff understood my request very clearly and they were very professional with me and they were able to give me my request in the best way possible for me. A special thanks to Mira. Thank you Luxury Group
    Mr. Khaled
    Mr. KhaledBusinessman
    Read More
    I recommend it to everyone who wants to get the apartment dreams. To communicate with a luxury group company. Which takes you from the airport to the most luxurious hotels. And the next day, we went to the most luxurious and largest projects in Istanbul, and through the best advice and advice May God help me in the dream apartment in Beylikduzu in a luxurious and distinguished complex, and I obtained the title deed (Tabu) within days and after a while I will obtain Turkish citizenship. So I advise everyone who wants to buy a property to contact the Luxury Group. good luck to all

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