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    Turkish Citizenship

    Turkish citizenship has the advantage of being able to enter more than 70 countries without a visa and approximately 50 countries with a visa on arrival at the airport.

    The Turkish passport is one of the 25 powerfull passports in the world

    Ours Clients

    I recooment Luxury Group Company to anyone who is lookin for a dream house. Luxury Group services are beyond the expectations. They picked me up from the airport and dropped me off at one of the most luxurious hotels in Istanbul. Then the next day, they took me to the most luxurious and largest street in Istanbul and through thier recommendations and advices God blessed me with my dream house in Beylikduzu in a luxurious and outstanding residenial complex. I got the title deed in a few days and after a while I will get Turkish citizenship. I therefore advise anyone who would like to buy a property in Turkey to communicate with Luxury Group. Good luck to all,
    Mr. Khaled Ammar
    We have received an email from Mrs. Rita Abu Khater, in which she thanked us for our kindness and outstanding service. "May God grant success to the Luxury Group Company. The service was super excellent. I did not know what to do with my money, I saw a post on Instagram, and the post was addressed to the Lebanese. I contacted the company, and they answered all my questions to the fullest. I arrived in Turkey and was welcomed like a queen. After many days of shopping, we had a meeting and I took a look at the project and then they took me a tour to see the projects according to my budget, and I invested my money in a very elegant and beautiful house and got it registered directly. This is how I invested my money in a profitable project, which means that I can sell it later and earn more. So....to everyone who doesn't know where or how to invest the money should contact Luxury Group.
    Mrs. Rita Abu Khater
    Because of the complicated situation in Lebanon, I thought a lot before talking any decision. From here (Lebanon), an idea came into my mind to purchase a house in Turkey. I saw a post on the Instagram for The Luxury Group, as if it was talking to me. is t said " what to do when you don't know what to do with your money" I came to Istanbul and contacted the company. They welcomed me warmly and they show me the project of my dreams. I purchased a house and now I live in Istanbul with my family and I am very happy. Here is my advise to all and every Lebanese, who would like settle in Turkey. you have no one but Luxury Group to do so.
    First, I would like to thank Luxury group for their excellent service. Starting from our arrival (me & my family) to Istanbul International Airport, they provided us with a car and a suitable & comfortable accomodation. Then the tour to view the best properties/projects options to choose what suits our budget and the most convenient option.
    I would like to thank you for your wonderful and excellent services. Thanks for taking care and smoothing the process while obtaining the Turkish Citizinship for me and my family. such a profisisonal team.
    It was my pleasure dealing with The Luxury group company and I thank them for their priceless advice. At the beginning I was purchasing in a place under construction that had many problems a, but Luxury Group adviced me to purchase a property in a ready real estate project with a large investment return and thank God I received the title deed as soon as possible and invested in my property.. a big thanks to the Luxury Group and the staff

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